In an effort to increase the public's awareness about the importance of the preservation of heritage architecture and the positive impact it can have on the community (cultural, economic, environment and social), the Trinity Historical Society is doing its part to ensure the message - heritage architecture matters - by providing a living lab example of all the possibilities during the first ever Architectural Symposium: A Preservation of Place in Trinity that will also include visits to other areas of the Bonavista Peninsula.

The value of heritage structures is resonating once again with many other municipalities in the region and the province and as a result it should be considered and incorporated into all areas of planning. This Symposium will provide dialogue about restoration, design, and economic opportunities as well as community and social impacts. Preservation can be both challenging and rewarding and together we can influence the general understanding of heritage architecture and the role it can play in developing sustainable planning - for both rural and urban communities.

On behalf of the Trinity Historical Society, I extend a warm invitation to visit our historic sites and our Town. Over the course of the Symposium we will showcase to you our heritage buildings and local architecture and discuss what it means to develop sustainable communities.

By highlighting the four pillars of sustainability, (culture, economics, environment and society) through our examples we hope you can fully appreciate how architecture preservation, business and planning can go hand in hand and become beneficial to all interested parties. We are proud to host Preservation of Place as living proof of success of the preservation of architecture and we look forward to seeing you in Trinity.

Ian White                                                     Jim Miller
President                                                     Project Coordinator
Trinity Historical Society Inc.                   Trinity Historical Society Inc.


May 31 - June 2


John Norman

Chief Operations Officer / Co-owner

Bonavista Creative / Bonavista Living

Mark Whalen

Team Member

Fougere Menchenton Architecture

Mike Paterson


Paterson Woodworking

Mary Bishop

Urban Planner

Tineke Gow

Tineke Gow




Rich in History

The Town of Trinity is one of the most notable heritage communities in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador today due to the significance of the community to the province's history and the remarkable preservation of much of its historic character. The history of Trinity is steeped in its attachment to the fishery. Its' location on a small peninsula surrounded by the Northwest and Southwest arms of Trinity Harbour made it a major focus of the West of England - Newfoundland fishery in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. First used by the migratory fishing ships during the 1500s, by 1615 Trinity was a regular port of call for West Country fishermen. By the early 1700s, Poole merchants had relocated their fishing and trading premises from the South Side of Trinity Bay to Trinity, as a result Trinity became not only a fishing port, but a centre of trade for fishermen throughout Trinity Bay and beyond. So significant was the trade that a Trinity planter, Benjamin Lester, became the largest property-owner in Newfoundland and a principal merchant of Poole, England.

By 1800, Trinity was a bustling town which provided employment and services for the approximately 400 people in Trinity and the surrounding communities in Trinity Harbour. By 1869, the population had doubled, but by this time the West Country merchants who had been responsible for much of the prosperity of the community were beginning to withdraw from Newfoundland. By 1947, after almost 250 years of continuous operation the Lester- Garland Mercantile Premises as it was then known ,were closed, bringing to an end this period of the community�s history.

Event Schedule

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2:30 - 4:30 The Trinity Experience Beginning at the Lester-Garland House, take advantage of this guided tour of Historic Trinity with visits to the Ryan's Shop, Cooperage, Green Family Forge, Hiscock House, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Church of the Most Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, and more.

6:30 - 7:00 Registration Lester Garland House - Trinity

7:00 - 8:30 Welcome Reception & Exhibit Opening

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Tour Day

8:30 - 9:00 Late Registration - Lester Garland House, Trinity

9:00 - 9:15 Bus Departs for Bonavista Self Drives will meet at the Garrick Theatre, Bonavista.

10:00 Presentation Topic: Architectural Preservation - Opportunities & Challenges Speaker: John Norman - Bonavista Living Q & A

11:00 Nutrition Break to Go Tour Restored Buildings of Bonavista

12:30 Lunch (Location TBA)

2:00 Travel to Port Union

2:30 - 3:30 Tour the Coaker Foundation Heritage District, Port Union

3:30 - 4:30 Architectural Considerations - Blending the Old with the New
Speaker: Mark Whalen

4:30 Return to Trinity

Evening Free Time on your Own.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

9:15 - 10:30 Session I Topic: The Economic Impact from Private Business
Speaker: Tineke Gow

10:30 - 10:45 Nutrition Break

10:45 - 11:00 Walk to St. Paul's Anglican Church

11:00 - 11:45 Session II
The Focus: A Rural Perspective
Speaker: Mike Paterson - Paterson Woodworking

12:00 Walk to Rising Tide Theatre

12:30 - 1:45 Lunch

1:45 - 3:00 Session III: Planter's Circle
Early settlers were referenced in historical documents, church records and voter's lists, as "planters" our Symposium attendees are encouraged to take advantage of this round-table discussion on Heritage Standards and Best Practices. This opportunity will allow participants to exchange ideas, learn from the experiences of their colleagues, and together, learn how they can better contribute to their own communities and organizations. This is a great opportunity to brainstorm, network and ask your questions to various panellists. The Focus: Heritage Standards & Best Practices
Moderator: Mary Bishop

3:00 Symposium Wrap Up

5:00 Bus departs for St. John's

*Sandwiches / snacks can be arranged for travel.

Event Location

The Bonavista Peninsula has become known as one of the province's top tourism destinations. Located just a short drive outside the capital city of St. John's, there are three (3) gateways to the Bonavista Peninsula. You can take the eastern entrance onto Route 230A at Clarenville, the central entrance near Thorburn Lake at Route 230 or the west entrance from the Trans-Canada Highway onto Route 233 at Port Blandford. Once on-route along Route 230, Trinity is located approximately 60 km east on Route 239. Approximate travel time from St. John's is 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

An overview of the Bonavista Peninsula

Mention "Bonavista" and people here think of John Cabot, a Genoese adventurer known in his hometown as Giovanni Caboto. He found fish, lots and lots of fish, and the race was on to scoop it up, dry it and ship it to Europe. Uncounted fortunes have risen and fallen on the fish trade. But you'll find a more recent Italian connection with the Bonavista Peninsula in Clarenville, where after turning off onto the Discovery Trail you will probably find yourself on Balbo Drive. It's named for General Italo Balbo, the Italian Fascist who led a squadron of flying boats into nearby Shoal Harbour, was paraded and welcomed in Clarenville and flew off with a load of specially stamped mail. He came to an unhappy end, however, as did many of his political ilk: after becoming governor of Libya, he was shot down over Tobruk by Italian guns in 1940.

Clarenville / Shoal Harbour is a friendly area, and a modern one. Now basically a service centre for the Bonavista Peninsula. There is much to do here year-round including great hiking trails, White Hill Ski Resort, a movie theatre and a railway museum, just to mention a few. Take some time to explore this town. Originally known as Clarenceville in honour of the Duke of Clarence, it dates from the 1890s, which is relatively new by Newfoundland standards.

As you cross the causeway and take a detour to Random Island / Hickman's Harbour, and two things are obvious: a few hundred yards of water spelled isolation for the people of this largish island until the causeway was constructed in the 1960s; and, two centuries of logging have not come near to exhausting the potential of the island's robust and well-managed forest. Everywhere you go there is evidence of logging and legend has it the eastern part of Random Island was the last stronghold of the Beothuks in eastern Newfoundland.

At the base of the peninsula, the town's of Lethbridge and Musgravetown welcome you. This area is considered farming country. In season, you can get lots of fresh vegetables here and farmers here gather dead seaweed that has washed onto the narrow, sandy beaches and truck it off to their fields to help replenish the soil. From here, you can continue on to Port Blandford where there is an opportunity for good salmon and trout fishing or golf in the town's championship 18-hole golf course.

Heading north again on Route 230, the next stop is a very special part of not only the Bonavista Peninsula or of Newfoundland, but of Canada. Turn onto Route 239 and head for Historic Trinity. This little town is a gem, a national treasure, and host of the Architectural Symposium - Preservation of Place. It is a place where visitors can feel, for just a few hours or days the special Trinity enchantment. Trinity is a must-see on anyone's calendar. Most of the old town is a national heritage community, and there are several provincial historic sites, as well. People interested in Newfoundland history will find plenty of it here.

In addition to its history, Trinity has the good fortune to have other attractions that appeal to a wide variety of visitors. From whale-watching to boat tours and world class hiking trails nearby, there is something for everyone in the area. While the main attraction on this visit is the architecture, the theatre festival run each summer by Rising Tide Theatre is worthy of a re-visit.

(FYI...there is another community named Trinity on Route 320 in Bonavista Bay. This other Trinity is a small village not to be confused with Trinity, Trinity Bay.)

When you head north again, take some time to drive around Trinity East and Port Rexton because the scenery here is wonderful. Lockston Path Provincial Park on unpaved Route 236 is a good place to camp. The woods grow close to this road and as you drive along you might spot a moose or two!

The next stop up the coast is Port Union - the only union built town in North America. Built in the early 20th century - it's next to Catalina and is a union town founded by Sir William Coaker and the members of his Fishermen's Protective Union. Port Union has row houses built for fish plant workers that you usually don't find in rural Newfoundland.

In addition to the Coaker Foundation and the Old Railway Museum, Coaker's house is also open to the public (in season). The word "graveyard" just doesn't do justice to the grandiose little meadow atop where he is buried. His body rests in a white marble sarcophagus which is topped by a half-statue of the man himself which has, depending on your point of view, either its back turned to the sea or its gaze directed to the coast where lived the fishermen he served. This memorial cemetery must certainly be the grandest to any individual in the province, and a lasting monument to a man who was, according to how you view history, either a giant of a man or a master propagandist. Coaker left Newfoundland in the early 1930s - at the height of the Great Depression - and passed his later years in Jamaica and Boston, where he died in 1938.

You're getting closer to Bonavista, but first a side trip to Elliston is in order. The Root Cellar Capital of the World is home to the John C. Crosbie Sealer's Museum and Interpretation Centre. If you venture towards the community of Marberly you will notice, just off these shores, is a group of islands where puffins nest each summer to raise their young, so bring your binoculars!

Up to now, the Bonavista Peninsula has been thickly wooded, except for the more frequent spots where peat bogs dominate. Now, as you reach the top of the hill overlooking Bonavista, the traditional barren Newfoundland coastline is in view, this time thickly covered by the houses and other buildings that comprise one of our most famous towns. If you can't find your way around Bonavista, don't panic. Get lost. That's the best way to see the town. Street signs are rarer than hen's teeth. And keep an eye out for one-way streets. Lanes and narrow streets wander willy-nilly over gentle hills.

Back through Bonavista, you head down the peninsula's west side. This is a very pretty area. The road weaves through timeless coastal fishing villages and near several pebble beaches where beachcombers will spend time just looking, and maybe even finding. This section of the peninsula just begs for side trips. Drive out the south side of Blackhead Bay to Keels - a photographer's dream. Have a look around King's Cove and take a walk to the lighthouse and check out the churches here and in other small fishing communities along this part of the coast and you'll find some very fine architecture. If golf is your thing, the View in nearby Princeton offers up a 9-hole course that's sure to make your day and visit complete.

We hope you enjoy all that the Bonavista Peninsula has to offer!

Registration & Pricing (postponed to a later date)

For further information please contact info@trinityhistoricalsociety.com.

Pre & Post Symposium Activities

Flow & Form Yoga

Date: Pending Interest Time: TBA Duration: 2 hours Location: Parish Hall, Trinity Cost: $30 Contact: Linda Ivany Telephone: 709.689.9560 Email: linda.ivany@hotmail.com

This workshop promises to deepen your practice through deconstruction of poses focusing on alignment, following with a vinyasa flow. If you are an experienced practitioner, or new to yoga you will find this practice will meet your needs.

Sea of Whales Boat Tour

Date: Daily Time: 9a.m., 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. Duration: 2 hours Location: Clinch's Lane, Trinity Contact: Chris & Shawna Prince Telephone: 709.427.1217 Email: bookings@seaofwhales.com Website:www.seaofwhales.com

Cost: $80 + HST Adults $50 + HST Children under 12

Our staff is dedicated to showing you the best whales and wildlife that our area has to offer including fin, humpback, sperm, minke, orca and pilot whales. You may expect to see various species of dolphins, porpoises, eagles, offshore birds including puffins and northern gannets and icebergs in season. Take part in our photo identification study of whales. We have over 20 years of experience taking clients to view whales in this area. Price includes a cookies and coffee break during the trip.

Rugged Beauty Boat Tours

Date: Daily Time: 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Duration: 3 hours Contact: Bruce Miller Telephone: 709.464.3856 Email: bruce@ruggedbeautyboattours.net Website:www.ruggedbeautyboattours.net

Cost: $70 + HST Adults $50 + HST Children under 17

By sea, explore the shores and discover the abandoned communities. See Random Passage, waterfalls, seabirds, eagles and whales and icebergs (in season). Capacity 12.

Trinity Eco Tours

Date: Daily Time: 9:00 a.m., 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. Duration: 2 hours Location: Clinch's Lane, Trinity Contact: Robert Bartlett Telephone: 709.436.3011 / 709.427.6788 Email: bobbartlett@trinityecotours.com Website:www.trinityeco-tours.com

View whales, seabirds and other marine life in the waters surrounding Trinity Bay and icebergs when in season. Both Zodiac or Kayak are available and launches from Historic Trinity. Cost: $80 + HST Adults $50 + HST Children under 12

Sea Stacks & More Tour
A Guided Hike of Skerwink Trail with Picnic Lunch

Date: June 3, 2016 Time: 11:00 a.m. Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours Location: Trail Entrance, Trinity East Price: $ 40.00 Contact: Cyndy Stead - Guided Outport Tours Telephone: 709.464.3782 Email: cstead@bellaliant.net

Trinity Bight is home to Skerwink Trail, ranked as one of the top 35 trails in North America and Europe by Travel & Leisure Magazine 2003. An award-winning 5.3k circular loop, the Skerwink Trail is conveniently located near Port Rexton and Trinity East and is rated 'moderate to difficult'. This guided hike will provide you with information about the landscape and an opportunity to view and photography seabirds, wildlife, eagles, sea stacks, icebergs and whales (in season). Hiking along 17th century footpaths provides amazing views of the surrounding communities. Your guide will be knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna of this region as well as its history and culture. Important to note: Please advise any food allergies when booking this tour. Visitors with mobility issues may not be able to hike the entire loop as it contains a series of stairs and inclines. However, we can recommend an alternative hike that allows you to enjoy the first and last stretches (rail bed & flat landscape) of the trail and the picnic lunch. Weather can be unpredictable in Newfoundland & Labrador. When wet, the trail may have muddy sections and can be slippery in some areas. Caution is advised. Although no special hiking gear is required it is recommended you wear suitable footwear and dress comfortably. Participants on this tour will be required to carry their own lunch, so please bring your own knapsack / backpack.

Paint & Pour Workshop by the Sea

Date: Pending Interest Time: TBA Duration: 2 hours Location: Elizabeth Burry Studio, Trinity Price: $ 55.00 + HST Contact: Elizabeth Burry Telephone: 709.697.1061 Email: elizabethburrystudios@gmail.com

Explore your Hidden Artistic Side.... Join local artist Elizabeth Burry in a fun filled 2 hour painting workshop at MIRABELLA. Whether you've never held a paint brush or are a novice artist you will enjoy creating your own masterpiece in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Bring along your own favourite beverage to sip while you paint in our studio on the seashore. All supplies included, just pick a date and time that fits the symposium schedule and leave the rest to us!

Jewellery Making in Historic Trinity

Date: Pending Interest Time: TBA Duration: 2 hours Location: Elizabeth Burry Studio, Trinity Price: $ 95.00 + HST Contact: Elizabeth Burry Telephone: 709.697.1061 Email: elizabethburrystudios@gmail.com

Spend 2 fun filled hours creating your very own wearable Jewellery in a workshop by the sea at MIRABELLA with local artist Elizabeth Burry. Make your own earrings plus a necklace or bracelet that you will be proud to wear. All supplies are included . Call me to arrange a date and time to come have fun learning the Art of Jewellery making .


We have attempted to bring you the most updated information and listings of accommodations and dining however prices are subject to change and all providers may not be listed, we apologize if we have missed anyone in our attempt to complete our listing and ask you to contact us to be added to our list. We can be reached at eventplanner@trinityhistoricalsociety.com

This region of the province has a variety of accommodation options including inns, bed & breakfasts, housekeeping units, parks and self-contained vacation homes. If you are travelling with co-workers / friends or family you may want to coordinate your accommodations and find the right choice for you and your organization / company.

You are also encouraged to check the listings conveniently found in the provincial travel guide online at www.newfoundlandlabrador.com / eastern accommodations. Please note applicable taxes (HST-13%) apply to all bookings.

Be sure to check the distance from Trinity & your accommodation as some may be further away than others and you will need to self-drive to avail of them.

If you have any questions when booking accommodations, need clarification or directions, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone at 709-464-7345 or via email at eventplanner@trinityhistoricalsociety.com

Bed and Breakfasts

Artisan Inn / Campbell House
Location: Trinity
Contact: Tineke Gow
Telephone: 877.464.7700
Email: info@trinityvacations.com

Rate: Regular $99 - $280 + HST / night
Symposium Special: $99 + HST / night

Fisher's Loft
Location: Port Rexton
Contact: John & Peggy Fisher
Telephone: 877.464.3240
Email: enquiries@fishersloft.com

Rate: Regular $125 - $185 + HST/ night

Symposium Special: Any room or suite (2 night minimum)$99* + HST / night *Breakfast extra - $18

Maidment House
Location: Trinity
Contact: Karen Huys
Telephone: 709.464.2220
Email: maidmenthouse@eastlink.ca

Rate: Regular $115 - $125+ HST / night
Any room (2 night minimum) $99 + HST / night
Price includes breakfast.

Eriksen Premises / Kelly's Landing / Bishop White Manor
Location: Trinity
Contact: Christine Whalen
Telephone: 877.464.3698
Email: christine.whalen@nf.sympatico.ca

Rate: Regular $129 - $159 + HST / night

Trinity Eco Tours Lodge
Location: Trinity
Telephone: 709.464.3712
Email: bobbartlett@trinityeco-tours.com

Compass B&B
Canada Select 4 1/2 Star
Location: Trinity
Telephone: 709.424.6100
Email: compass.trinity@gmail.com

Vacation Homes and House Keeping Suites

Commander's Keep
Location: Trinity
Contact: Catherine and David Carpenter
Telephone: 877.240.5337
Email: commanderskeep@gmail.com

Rate: $1,700.00 4 night minimum; $110.00 cleaning fee

Doran House
Location: Port Rexton
Contact: Trinity Bight Vacation Home(s)
Telephone: 709.739.0447
Email: trinitybight@morag.ca

Rate: $175.00 Weekend nights
$150.00 Weekday nights

Three bedroom house (two queen beds and one 3/4 bed), Fully equipped kitchens and linens included.

Erin House
Location: Port Rexton
Contact: Trinity Bight Vacation Home(s)
Telephone: 709.739.0447
Email: trinitybight@morag.ca

Rate: $175.00 Weekend nights
$150.00 Weekday nights

Three bedroom house (two queen beds and one room has two twin beds), Fully equipped kitchens and linens included.

Skerwink House
Location: Port Rexton
Contact: Trinity Bight Vacation Home(s)
Telephone: 709.739.0447
Email: trinitybight@morag.ca

Rate: $175.00 Weekend nights
$150.00 Weekday nights

Three bedroom house (one queen bed & two double beds), Fully equipped kitchens and linens included.

Spurrell's Heritage Home

Contact: Dustin Spurrell
Telephone: 709.727.4408
Email spurrelheritage@gmail.com

Rate: $140.00 / night*

Rental includes the full house with 2 bedrooms (1 queen bed, 1 double bed) and a pull-out couch.

* Based on double occupancy

The Other House Vacation Home
Location: Trinity
Contact: Ian White
Telephone: 1.855.464.3440
Email: trinitymercantile@gmail.com

Rate: $195 + HST / night Three (3) Bedroom Vacation Home with 2 Queen, 1 Single + pull-out couch.

A Trinity Suite
Location: Trinity
Contact: Ian White
Telephone: 855.464.3440
Email: trinitymercantile@gmail.com

Rate: $115 + HST / night
A one bedroom suite with a queen bed and a pull out couch in the living room.

Goose Cove Retreat
Location: Goose Cove
Telephone: 709.682.2682 or 709.753.0794
Email: info@goosecoveretreat.com

Rate: $810.00/night or $2,150.00 for three nights

Nan & Pop's Cottage Location: Goose Cove
Telephone: 709.464.3650
Email: nanandpopscottage@hotmail.com

Rate: $110.00/night plus HST based on double occupancy

Vacation Homes and House Keeping Suites

Sherwood Housekeeping Units & Motel
Location: Port Rexton
Contact: Jim Miller / Dean Bailey
Telephone: 877.464.2133
Email: info@sherwoodsuites.com

Rate: $89 - $109.00 + HST/night, based on double occupancy. $10.00 for each additional person

Symposium Special 10% off with reservation code Spring2016

Spacious 1 and 2 bedroom housekeeping units with full kitchen.

Vintage Newfoundland Morris Manor
Location: Trinity
Telephone: 888.464.2470
Email: donna@vintagenewfoundland.ca

Rate: $280 + HST / night

A fully restored heritage home with three bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, endless amenities including 3 fireplaces & BBQ.

The Crow's Nest in Trinity
Location: Trinity
Telephone: 709.738.3224
Email: thecrowsnestintrinity@hotmail.com
Website: http://vrbo.com/612209

Rate: $295.00 for 3 night minimum plus cleaning fee $100.00

Trinity Cabins
Location: Trinity
Telephone: 877.341.3657
Email: info@trinitycabins.com

Rate: Cabins - $79.00/night
Units - $99.00/night

Rolling Hills
Location: Dunfield
Telephone: 877.829.4373
Email: edbeckett@nf.sympatico.ca

Rate: $275.00 for 3 night minimum

Old Bonaventure House
Location: Old Bonaventure
Contact: Dawne Marlow
Telephone: 709.464.2551
Email: dawne.marlow@eastlink.ca

Rate: $137.00 / night

A country house with two double bedrooms, each with ensuite bathrooms. Sleeps four (4). The main body of the home has a large well equipped kitchen.

Devil's Cove/Eagle Peak/Skerwink Station
Location: Trinity East & Port Rexton
Contact: Brenda McIntyre
Telephone: 866.408.4748
Email: bmmcintyre@sympatico.ca

Rate: Prices Vary
Skerwink Station $135 - $150.00 weekly
Devil's Cove and Eagle Peak $200-$250.00 weekly

Hogarth House
Location: Trinity East
Telephone: 709.687.3817
Email: info@nfldcottagerentals.com

Rate: $305.00/night with a 2 or 3 night minimum

HI- Trinity Skerwink Hostel
Location: Trinity East
Telephone: 709.436.3033
Email: manager@skerwinkhostel.com

Rate: $25.00-$74.00/night

Parkside Inn
Location: Port Rexton
Telephone: 877.464.3698
Email: christinewhelan@nf.sympatico.ca

Rate: $100.00/night + HST


We have attempted to bring you the most updated information and listings of accommodations and dining however prices are subject to change and all providers may not be listed, we apologize if we have missed anyone in our attempt to complete our listing and ask you to contact us to be added to our list. We can be reached at eventplanner@trinityhistoricalsociety.com

There are many dining options around the Bonavista Peninsula the following is a partial list of the dining options that are available.

Event Sponsors

Event Partners